About the Starbucks Workers Movement in NYC

Partners all over NYC are coming together to stand up for our rights. Some of us are new to Starbucks and many of us have invested years of our lives at the company, but we all have one thing in common. We want the company to succeed and we want to have the best work lives possible. We want to be able to be our best selves, and we cannot reach our full potential if we are understaffed, overextended, exhausted, and burned-out. This is the NYC Movement!

What are We Fighting For?


Hours & Scheduling

This article ensures full-time status is granted to workers who work an average of 32 hours a week. This article also protects benefits for workers who average less than 20 hours per week.


Organizing Rights

This proposal reaffirms that the right to organize a union is a fundamental human and civil right.
It states that Starbucks and the union agree to the ‘Fair Election Principles’, which would ensure that Starbucks workers who want to unionize in the future will be able to do so free from fear, intimidation, and coercion.


Health & Safety

We propose that workers be able to defend themselves against customer aggression without facing retaliation. This also includes reinstating COVID benefits, implementing Disaster Emergency Pay, and protecting pay for workers who leave early due to illness, injury, or have a temporary store closure. We also propose a zero tolerance policy on sexual harassment and abuse.



Seniority rights will be implemented in union stores. Seniority will be a determinant factor to prevent unfair working conditions, and the considerations for seniority will be outlined and defined in this proposal.


Respect & Dignity

This proposal states that every worker will be treated with respect and dignity. Verbal abuse, threats, and harassment of any kind from managers, supervisors, and co-workers will not be tolerated.
We propose discipline and investigations be handled in a professional manner, accounting for privacy, tone, personal space, and will always take place on the clock.

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Starbucks workers are building a powerful movement to organize a union for greater justice, greater equality, and a greater vision of what life can be for Starbucks workers across New York City.

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